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Foothold Creations

Founder - Foothold Creations 

Est. May 2015


Foothold Creations

Founder - Foothold Creations 

Est. May 2015

A Team Built Around Helping Others To Take That

"What If I Could...?" Idea And Make It Come To Life

  • Web Design

  • Videography & Photography

  • Logo & Graphic Design

  • Social Media & Search Engine Optimization

The Story

I founded Foothold Creations in May of 2015. Based off the idea that there are SO MANY tools we have at our disposal these days that most individuals are oblivious too. These tools when aligned to work together as a system are tremendously powerful.

THAT IS WHAT WE DID, took these simple tools (social media, photography, web design etc.) and utilized them in efficient ways to help others broadcast their message, to give them a voice.

The Result?

A San Diego Best Business Award -

 Category of Web Design

Presented by - Best Businesses of San Diego.

Where Is It Now?

Multiple Things Started To Happen That Affected Us

  • Competitors With Motivations Similar To Ours Flooded The Market

  • Long Story Short - They Cut Massive Corners

  • Along With This Came The Influx Of Scam-Artists Attempting To Exploit Companies Like Ours

... And Finally - 


Example of a fraudulent check we received.

The Natural Process

After a few fraudulent checks came in like the above.

 Significant amounts of wasted time and money.

We put Foothold Creations to rest in April of 2016.

Still Available For The Right Cause

I, however, still do LOVE helping others to create and bring their ideas to life. I am happy to help with the right jobs.

Business Inquiries:

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Published Author

The Goal?

User's Guide -Human Body

Published Author

The Goal?

User's Guide -Human Body

Strong From The Ground Up: A Series In The Works

Why Read?

Living in a World of YouTube, Netflix, and free internet pornography

90% of people do not read a book past it's first chapter.

Who's to blame them? 

Genesis - The Idea of the One Chapter Book

Philosophy on Mastery and Teaching:

  • IS being able to take incredibly complex topics and being able to explain them to ANYBODY

  • IS NOT only being able to take these topics and explain them to people in your field 

Create Something That Everyone Can Understand & Use


Knowledge of your body and is what is causing you pain. 

What is you putting at a high risk of debilitating injury. 

And how to care for these things shouldn't be privileged information.


"Coming from someone who has torn the ACL playing a college sport, this piece of writing is extremely insightful. It is important to raise awareness to younger athletes about the importance of correct body positioning and foundation. This book makes it easy to understand the problems young athletes face moving forward. All issues being discussed are things most athletes do not pay attention to, like foot position and knee angles. Overall, excellent read. Any and every person could benefit from reading this."

-Amazon Customer

"This book will save my knees. I am in sports on a daily basis, and injury is my biggest worry. I cannot afford to miss a game or have something more permanent affect doing the things that I love. If you love to play sports - it is MUST READ"

-Lisa N. Girourard

"My son tore his ACL playing football this last year so I was interested Matthew's view on this injury and how to prevent it. I thought the piece was very informative regarding the common enemy to our young athletes. Thanks to Matthew for creating more awareness on both the cause and steps towards prevention. I would have paid a lot more for his advice!!"

-Amazon Customer

Available on - Here